Scientific articles for publication in electronic scientific magazine «MILITARY-HISTORICAL MERIDIAN» must sent to the editorial staff.

Requirements for registration of scientific articles for publication  in electronic scientific magazine «MILITARY-HISTORICAL MERIDIAN»


1. Editorial staff accepts for publication if they meet professional requirements to the structure of the article.

Scientific articles must contain the following essential elements:

- posing of the problem in general view and communication with important scientific and practical tasks;  

- analysis of recent researches and publications in which this issue is discussed and the author is relied upon by, distinguishing unsolved aspects of the problem that is the subject matter of the article to which this article is dedicated to;

- formulating the goal of the article (problem);

- presentation of the basic material of research with full justification of scientific results;

- conclusion from this study and prospects for further research in this direction.

2. Article is submitted in Ukrainian, Russian, English, German and Polish languages in electronic form as a file which is made in the text editor MS Word for Windows via email. Size of the article is 12 – 18 pages.

3. Articles of authors who do not have scientific degree accompanied by the review of Doctor of Science on a specialty publication or by extract of the minutes of the Department (the Department) with recommendation of article for publication. An extract from the minutes of the Academic Council or Scientific and methodological Board is added to the articles of the museum staff. A review or extract from the minutes is submitted in the scanned form by e-mail.

4. The article should be accompanied by three abstracts (Ukrainian, Russian and English). All abstracts should include:

- surname and initials of author;

- title of the article;

- text of annotation (up to 500 symbols, English - 3 thousand characters);

- a list of keywords.

The material in annotation is taught concisely and accurately with the use of syntactic constructions inherent to the language of business documents by avoiding of complex grammatical phrases. It is necessary to use standardized terminology rather than little known terms and symbols avoiding the use of the words «in the article ... » or «This article is dedicated to...».

5. Requirements for registration of the text: margins: top, bottom, right – 20 mm, left – 25 mm, font – Times New Roman, 14 Kegel, line spacing – 1,5; indentation –  10 mm. Pictures and tables are made according to DSTU. As to symbols, in the text use quotation marks like these: «», hyphen is a short dash «–». No need to put any extra spaces especially in front of square or parentheses as well as in them. To prevent this you need use the function «Non-Printing Characters».

6. Served separately files of drawings and graphs in *tif, *jpg (300 dpi).

Arrangement of the structural elements of the article:

Name Surname




Annotation in Ukrainian with a list of keywords

The text of the article

Sources and Literature

First name, last name, title of the article, annotation in Russian with a list of keywords

First name, last name, title of the article, annotation in English with a list of keywords

7. The list of sources and literature is located alphabetically or in order of their use after the text of the article with the subtitle «Sources and Literature» and is performed in the original language. In the list of references it is indicated the total number of pages (for books) or page numbers of the beginning and end of the text of source (for articles). Sources in the list of references are numbered by hand without using the «Numbered List Properties» menu Word. Requirements for registration of the list of sources and literature: Kegel – 12, line spacing – 1, without indentation.

8. References in the text are given by the following example: [12, 10], where 12 is a number of the source by the list, 10 is a page. References to several sources simultaneously are given as follows: [1; 2; 3] or [1, 11; 2, 14; 3, 153]. References to archival sources – [4, 16, 16 reverse]. Scholars, researchers, personalias mentioned in the text are called in alphabetical order, for example: I. Bondarenko, B. Kovalenko, S. Shevchenko and others.

9. The article is accompanied by an author's reference indicating the author's last name, first name, middle name (in full), scientific degree, ranks,incumbency, workplace, postal code, home address and telephone numbers, e-mail addresses.

10. The authors of articles and materials are responsible for the contents, accuracy of submitted facts, quotations, numbers and surnames. Any changes of editorial nature can be change in the article without the consent of author. The editorial board reserves the right to reject substandard materials without explanation. The editorial board may not share convictions and scientific views of the authors.

11. In the case of reprinting of «MILITARY-HISTORICAL MERIDIAN» the reference is required.



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